USB Flash Drives
Buying Tips

Types of Drives

1) Basic Drives
- very low cost
- excellent for file backup
- excellent for transferring files
-Low capacity
- Only stores data
- May not have password protection

2) Hard Drive Replacements (e.g. BUSlink, Kanguru)
High capacity - 16, 32, 64GB
- Fast read/write speed
- Password protection
- Rugged
- Fingerprint security
- Only store data
- Only works with USB 2.0 input
- Very high cost

3) Smart Drives (e.g. Sandisk, lexar, Kingston)
- Store and run applications from drive
- Basic applications included
- Does not leave traces on host computer
- Password protection
- Limited number of read/writes

4) Novelty Drives (.e.g. Thinkgeek, imation)
- Extra features (e.g. knives, pens, lights, unique packaging)
-Limited storage
- Lack password protection
- Not rugged

5) USB Drives with Special Features
- Fingerprint security (e.g. Edgetechcorp)
- Music player & FM tuner(e.g. Sandisk)
- Voice recorder (e.g. BXmedia)
- Memory card reader included (e.g. Kingston)
- Disadvantages: limited storage, not rugged, may lack password protection

6) Windows Vista Ready Boost Drive Buying Tips
Windows Vista has a disk cashing technology to enhance system performance for systems with 1GB or less, of RAM
Called "Ready Boost" it utilizes a flash memory drive, or SD memory card.
The device must have the indicated requirements.